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52 Weeks

What’s up fam…

Austin here.

“Austin who?”

^ great question

At some point you either downloaded one of my resources… joined my Facebook group… or begged and pleaded to be on my email list…

(ok the last one probably isn’t true)


I just touched down in Nashville, Tennessee and I’m PUMPED UP because Funnel Hacking Live starts tomorrow.

“What’s Funnel Hacking Live, dude?”

If you’re not sure… I’ll cut you some slack (this time).

FHL is a marketing conference where marketing geeks and funnel hackers alike unite for 5 days to take their businesses to the next level.

You wanna know the funny part?

Last year I attended the event and hid in my room between sessions.

yeah… me… the loud-mouthed marketer that’s always huffing and puffing over on my Facebook page…

The introvert in me got the best of last year’s event because – to be quite frank – I was pretty intimidated.

I was still trying to figure this online marketing game out and felt like a complete nobody…

…but things have changed.

Over the last 52 weeks I’ve spent time developing relationships with a lot of you here on my email list.

What started out as a Facebook comment here or a message there has turned into relationships that I’m super grateful to have.

“Ok… get to the point dude!”

You got it, captain:

#1 – If you’re gonna be at FHL this week, come say hi.

I don’t bite… but I guarantee you that at some point I’ll call you John if your name is Jane and I may even say something stupid.

I’m a little awkward but I like to have a good time and geek out on all things marketing and biz.

Hell… if you need help with your funnel come find me and I’ll take a look at it!

#2 – If you’re not at the event, stay tuned.

Last year my Funnel Sparknotes BLEW UP…

What are the Sparknotes, you ask?

They’re daily recaps of the event that I package into bite-sized emails for you to utilize.

I’ve also created a membership area where you can access all the notes from FHL 2018 that I’ll be updating this year as well.

==> You can click here to create your account

I’m genuinely thankful to have you here.

(if you already hate me, there’s an ‘unsub’ link at the bottom of this email)

As always, if you need anything just holler…


– Austin aka the “Yoda” of marketing

“I sent one email today (last day of the promo), that I wrote in 2min while giving my 6 yr old daughter a piggyback ride… So far generated $940!”

Chris Yax, Yax Yoga Concepts


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