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“How Did SHE Do It?!”

One of the top questions I always get from my clients:

“How the HELL did LadyBoss do it?!”

If you’re not familiar, the “LadyBoss” is Kaelin Poulin…

…and she (and her husband) built a multi-7-figure business in the last few years by mastering the art of offer creation and sales funnels.

Instead of going over this time and time again, I decided to make a video that goes “under the hood” of their money-pumping machine to give you an inside look.

You can check out the video here:

In the Sales Funnel Breakdown, I dive deep into how they were able to build their empire…

(and it might be a bit DIFFERENT than most people think)

Check out the behind-the-scenes scoop and lemme know if you have any questions!

Cheers To Your Success,


“I sent one email today (last day of the promo), that I wrote in 2min while giving my 6 yr old daughter a piggyback ride… So far generated $940!”

Chris Yax, Yax Yoga Concepts


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