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Let’s Get Real with Each Other…

Too much content in the entrepreneur space is fluff.

So, I’m here to get a little personal tonight (I hope that’s ok).

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me…

So if you’re on my email list here’s a quick reminder of who I am:

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Now onto the point of this email.

I’ve seen a lot of posts after this week’s news about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain taking their own lives.

It’s sad.

It sucks.

And it’s a discussion that’s easy to avoid.

But entrepreneurs don’t avoid the tough conversations.

I know that the journey can be lonely at times when you’re trying to design the lifestyle you want by building your dream business.

It’s easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you’re far behind.

You look at the marketplace and feel like you’re running a rat race 25 hours a day…always trying to play “catch up” but feeling like you never make enough progress.

This “game” of entrepreneurship can take a toll on you.

You know it. I know it.

So I just wanted to send a note of encouragement tonight.

If you’re currently going through any self doubt or if you run into it down the road…

If you ever get frustrated and feel “behind” everyone else…

If you have a moment where you feel like giving up…

Please keep going.

Not for me… Not for anyone else…

…just for yourself. You owe it to yourself.

You owe it to yourself to push past the shit life throws at you.

Things will always get better!

You’re gonna survive. You’re gonna reach your goals.

And the cool part is that they may not be the goals you set yesterday…because we’re entrepreneurs and we evolve & adapt and things change over time.

But just know that if it ever feels like there’s no one there to help you out or it feels like you’re walking this path alone…

You’re an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs don’t give up.

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”― Vincent van Gogh

Cheers friends,

– Austin

“I sent one email today (last day of the promo), that I wrote in 2min while giving my 6 yr old daughter a piggyback ride… So far generated $940!”

Chris Yax, Yax Yoga Concepts


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