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Marketing Done Right: Cosmopolitan

No, I didn’t expect to be writing an article about Cosmopolitan, but we’re both here and I’m not going to defend myself about it so let’s just get into it.

As marketers, one of the biggest things we preach is for people to “create more content” if you want to see results. In a world dominated by social media-savvy humans whose attention spans are smaller than that of a goldfish, there’s something to be said for brands that understand the goal of marketing: to draw attention.

Cosmopolitan understands how to draw attention.

While I was scrolling on Facebook on Easter Sunday, I stopped mid-scroll because of a post by Cosmo that caught my eye. Here it is:

The best part about the post?

It wasn’t one of those Buzzfeed-style click bait articles that my Facebook feed is littered with. You know, the ones titled “9 Very Gross Food Choices You Need To Make” and “40 Facts You Definitely Never Knew About “Star Wars”?

Put simply, this article was perfectly crafted content marketing. Here’s 2 main reasons why:

The author created an engaging title and description

It today’s online world, content marketers are always trying to be as clear as possible so that their audience isn’t surprised when they land on an article. What this means, however, is that articles are usually optimized in the same cookie-cutter way for social media. Here’s an example:


As you can see, Forbes tells it’s audience exactly what they’re going to get if they click on the article — 11 habits that the best networkers have. Under the headline, they even dive right into the article a bit explaining that networking is a “skill” that can be acquired.

But where’s the intrigue?

I understand a lot of people in their audience probably want to become a better networker. But can the article title get any more stale?

On the other end, the Cosmo article hits the nail on the head with its title — “Not Tryna Cause Mass Panic but the OG Tamagotchi IS BACK”.

The use of informal language (“OG” and “Tryna”), a sense of urgency and FOMO (“fear of missing out” for any of you outside of Gen Y), and the unique capitalization all come together so perfectly for one sole reason: to get users to click.

Diving in a bit further, the subheading of the post merely says “You heard me.”

Short? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

The title already did it’s job here. Any ‘90s kid isn’t going to hesitate clicking an article about Tamagotchis, so why bog users down with more text to read when you’ve already told them exactly what they need to know?

➡️ If you’re a content marketer, be aware of how your articles preview on social media. It could be the determining factor in how much traffic you get to your post.

The content was optimized for social sharing

In an online world where news spreads like wildfire, it’s important for marketers to understand what makes for a piece of content that’s going to get shared on social media.

One simple Twitter search shows you how many publishers and users were posting about the Tamagotchi last week.

Rather than bombard its audience with lengthy dialogue on a somewhat straightforward news piece, Cosmo only needed 4 sentences to create a sense of nostalgia that helped with social sharing.

Whiles sites like Independent and Mashable shared the Tamagotchi news with the world as well, they did a terrible job creating content that was easy, intriguing, and quick to read. In my opinion, this is why Cosmo had more social shares (15K+) than both of these outlets combined and earn them one of the most retweeted tweets of the day.

➡️ If you’re a content marketer, create posts that are easy to read for your audience; not that are just easy for you to write.

Overall, the key to successful content marketing is knowing your audience inside and out. It’s imperative to learn how they think, what they like, and how they consume content.

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