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Who Are You?

¬†Seriously… I wanna know who you are!

Here’s the deal…

We live in an “always-on” world, yet sometimes being glued to our screens means that we sacrifice ACTUAL human interaction…

I wanna break that routine. Email lists shouldn’t be a “spam fest” and I wanna respect taking up a little space in your inbox.

So, here’s my challenge to you.

Reply to this email and share the following things about yourself:

  • What’s your name and where are you from?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Who’s your #1 role model and why?

I’ll start so you don’t feel awkward…

  • My name is Austin Dixon and I currently live in Spokane, Washington
  • My job is being a Professional Side Hustler…aka I like to find fun ways to make money online by helping other people & building cool projects.
  • My #1 role model is my dad (hands down). He showed me what it means to work for brighter future and how to not be a d*ck.

See…not that bad, right?

I’m dead serious tho… I wanna get to know you.

Reply to this email and let me know the answer to those 3 questions.

Talk soon,

– Austin

“I sent one email today (last day of the promo), that I wrote in 2min while giving my 6 yr old daughter a piggyback ride… So far generated $940!”

Chris Yax, Yax Yoga Concepts


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