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Why I Got D-R-U-N-K

I use to be a pretty heavy drinker.

(cool if I get real for a second?)

In college, I had my fun like most “frat guys” do… but things got even worse once I graduated…

I was 23 living in the heart of Los Angeles and couldn’t even go a weekend without a round of shots, a glass of wine (or three), and an ice-cold Coors light.

To top if off, I’d spend Friday and Saturday night roaming around the streets of Venice bar hopping until I was either too drunk to function or too tired to care.

Sounds like a sob story, doesn’t it?

In reality, the “Drunken Age” of my 20’s turned into a powerful lesson about marketing.

You see… every Friday when I got home from work I didn’t really care to go to another bar.

Every ounce of me knew it would just be another drunk night spending money I didn’t have on drinks I didn’t want.

So why did I continue to go out when all I wanted to do was stay in and chill…?

It’s simple.

(and understanding this one thing will help you sell more)

We, as humans, hate nothing more than to feel left out.

Just look at what happened a few years ago with the Fyre Festival fiasco!

When every Instagram influencer and their mom posts about a new music festival, the last a millennial wants is to be left out.

And even if you couldn’t snag a ticket, there’s a damn good chance you watched the chaos unfold from afar.

Another example?


How many times have you watched a group of friends go on a trip only to feel “left out” because you had to attend a family wedding?

That question of, “I wonder what they’re up to without me?” becomes a constant pester in your head.

And in marketing, THAT’S the feeling you need to create.

If you want to make more sales, the offer and the message are extremely important…

…but what makes them go from sellable to “scalable” is when your prospects feel like they’re completely (and utterly) missing out if they don’t buy.

“FOMO” if you will.

All of those Friday nights?

I feared missing out on a joke that my friends would create out at the bars.

I feared not being able to be included in any outlandish stories.

All of these fears drove me to do something I didn’t really wanna do! (and spend money I didn’t wanna spend!)

When you go to market your “thing,” make sure you’re using FOMO in order to get people to act now…

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Rooting you on,

Austin “Not Drunk Anymore” Dixon

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Chris Yax, Yax Yoga Concepts


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